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Garlic Parmesan Wing Dip

Garlic Parmesan Wings are one of our most popular posts.  Go figure.  I tried to take that concept and apply it to the idea of a Buffalo Chicken Dip with roasted garlic and jalapenos, and a wing sauce base.  Debuting at the Superbow  – uh I mean big game this easy and deeply tasteful dip was a great success.

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Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde

This is another quick post of an easy summer recipe that utilizes items fresh from the garden.  The jalapenos and cilantro were from our garden and this is simply a combination of fresh ingredients.

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Greek Oregano Chicken

We recently went to the Greek Food Festival at St. Nicks Church and were inspired to go Greek as you will see reflected in a few dishes to come.  This was simple, quick, and cheap!  Some spices and fresh oregano, roast for about an hour, and you seem like a genius!

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Feta and Spinach Turkey Burgers with Roasted Red Pepper Mayo

Many different elements came together both in and on the burgers.  There was garlic sauteed spinach, fresh feta, and jalapenos in the burgers and a roasted red pepper mayo spread on the fresh baked buns.  We did not make the buns, but got them in the Strip District where we get most of our cooking supplies.  These were made the same night as Roasted Red Pepper Bisque and I kept a bit of the peppers aside for the mayo spread.

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Roasted Tarragon Turkey Breast

This turkey breast was a great buy and another installment of tarragon experimenting.  Turned into a great classic dinner.

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Walnut Pesto Grilled Chicken Thighs

Honestly, this did not turn out great but I am posting it for the basic idea and vision and as some pointers for myself and the readers.  The idea was to grill chicken thighs with a thick walnut pesto paste that was almost like a jerk sauce.  The first step was the sauce and I started that by prepping some garlic to be roasted in foil.

In some foil with a little oil, salt, and pepper

Into the over for about 15-20 minutes.

After the oven

While the garlic was roasting, I harvested some fresh basil from the garden.

Yep, thats basil

Now it was time to combine all of the ingredients and blend them into the paste.

The base ingredients

All of the ingredients

A side view of the many layers. Like a middle school science project

The final blended product which was not so pretty

Once the paste was prepared, I was ready to apply it to the chicken.  I got bone in thighs and took the skin off of about 2/3 of them and left it on the rest.

Dressed up

Then onto the grilling and this is where things started to go astray.  A combination of the oil in the sauce, the fat of the thighs, and the skin of some of the thighs led to the grill seriously flaming up.  I had to turn the gas off and move the chicken to the other side for a bit until the flames died down.  A dirty grill also contributed to the problem.  I was able to save most of the thighs, but some did get pretty scorched.  They were still edible, but some were a bit too blackened for my usual liking.  So I would suggest to use this recipe and bake the thighs instead.  I don’t think it was a flawed recipe, but a flawed method.

These flames are nothing compared to what was to come!

I threw some veggies in the grill basket as a side

We dressed them up with some fresh chopped tomatoes and basil and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.  The meal was fine, but not one of our finest.  As mentioned, I think that it would have been better prepared if it were baked and suggest trying that way instead of the grill.

Recipe for Walnut Pesto Paste

Ham and Potatoes

Since we knew we would be missing Easter this year, Greg and I decided to have our Easter dinner before we went away. We made a traditional (I never had Easter dinner before meeting Greg so this is traditional in my opinion!) meal including ham, potatoes au gratin, and roasted brussels sprouts. We got a HUGE ham from Giant for $5 and lived off of it for the week leading up to our trip. Let’s just say I really will have no objections to not eating ham again for a little while! The ham came out great though and we used it in a variety of dishes following our Easter dinner, including sandwiches, salads, and quiche (next post).

This was our HUGE ham.

Greg prepared it with some sliced pineapple and a sweet and sour ham sauce that he made. First he made the sauce and spread it over the ham.

Then he pinned pineapple slices all over the ham using toothpicks.

It really reminded me of the dress Phish’s drummer John Fishman’s always wears . Eh?

Anyway, he baked it for several hours and this is how it looked when it came out.

He also made potatoes au gratin, which basically means potatoes in a creamy cheese sauce. How can you go wrong with that? First the potatoes need to be sliced really thin. Luckily our sweet new grater has an almost mandolin-type plane that worked really well.

and they get layered into a casserole dish along with some sliced onion.

Followed by the creamy cheesy sauce….

and this cooked along side the ham in the oven and looked like this when it came out.

I also roasted some brussels sprouts, which I halved first, then mixed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper and pine nuts. Once they were cooked, I topped them with some freshly grated parmesiano reggiano.

Then dinner was served!

Recipe for potatoes au gratin