Garlic Parmesan Wing Dip

Garlic Parmesan Wings are one of our most popular posts.  Go figure.  I tried to take that concept and apply it to the idea of a Buffalo Chicken Dip with roasted garlic and jalapenos, and a wing sauce base.  Debuting at the Superbow  – uh I mean big game this easy and deeply tasteful dip was a great success.

 I had this idea in mind for a while, and just in time a gift from the FiL arrived to secure the destiny of this dip coming to life.  He got us a a Clay Coyote Pot after my mentioning of an obsession with roasted garlic.  This was it’s first use.

It is awesome and has bright future!  Look forward to seeing the pot named after the 2nd most popular hockey team in this house roasting up garlic and friends in the future.  I added the peeled/squished garlic to 2 packages of warmed toward room temperature cream cheese.  Then the jalapenos and parmesan.

As if this wasn’t off to good enough of a start, add some melted butter.

I then blended until smooth with a hand mixer and added roasted split chicken breasts that were shredded.

Top with shredded mozzarella provolone mixture and cook at the magical temperature of 350 for about 30 minutes.

This was after about 20 minutes above and 30 below with a dash of paprika.

It was amazing and really captured the tastes of garlic parmesan wings with a kick from the jalapeno.Be a hit at your next event and help us make this our biggest post ever!

Recipe for Garlic Parmesan Wing Dip

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