Greek Oregano Chicken

We recently went to the Greek Food Festival at St. Nicks Church and were inspired to go Greek as you will see reflected in a few dishes to come.  This was simple, quick, and cheap!  Some spices and fresh oregano, roast for about an hour, and you seem like a genius!

I started with quarters and split them, which accounts for the mentioned cheap part.  This here was around $3 for the chicken.  We lightly coated the chicken in olive oil and then lemon juice and the spices which were just garlic, salt, pepper, and fresh chopped oregano.

There is some lemon zest on top too.  Slice a little pad of butter for each piece and you ready to roast at 350 for about an hour to get it nice a browned.  Check the height of the liquid and add a little water to cover the bottom if needed.

Simple and solid!



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