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Spicy Tuna and Salmon Tempura Roll

Homemade sushi!  It is not easy, but I am getting better.  We have featured most of these other rolls before with a new guest this time of spicy tuna and salmon tempura roll.  Also, this was about $12 worth of fish which shows you the mark up in restaurants, but again it is not easy and nice when someone really good and quick does it for you.  Anyway, spicy tuna and salmon tempura roll!

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Restaurant Review: Moby Dick (Wheaton)

Sushi and road trips don’t usually go hand in hand, but on Saturday when Greg and I were on our 5-hour journey back home from the outer banks it was all we could think about.  It came up innocently enough… a reasonable deceleration about how much time had lapsed since the last time we had sushi and how we would like to have it again some time.  The trip wore on and we grew increasingly hungry. Fresh memories of what poor food decisions were made all week were still fresh. It was the perfect storm.  Sushi take out for dinner it was!

Greg and I have been big fans of Moby Dick (no website; 11220 Triangle Lane)  a little, family-run sushi joint in Wheaton, for years. It is our go-to sushi spot and despite what anyone says, it’s perfect (for us, at least). It’s not overly fancy or trying to be anything it’s not (cough, kaz sushi bistro, cough ) and we always leave stuffed and very satisfied.

I always start off with miso soup whenever I get sushi. Moby Dick’s is great in my eyes and very traditional. Sorry, no picture. I inhaled it. I was very dehydrated!

We typically over order with sushi and spend a lot of $, which is one of the reasons why we don’t eat it too often and mostly save it for special occasions or wagers on large bets. I thought we did a fairly decent job of ordering this time.

Starting from top right (above): spicy salmon roll, crunchy spicy tuna roll, yellow tail roll, rainbow roll, and mackerel nigiri.

Pictured below: dragon roll.

Doesn’t the second tray look like a face?!

Every single piece of sushi I ate was absolutely divine. The star, however, was the crunchy spicy tuna roll. Its essentially a spicy tuna roll covered in tempura flakes (= fried goodness) with a spicy sauce (siracha + mayo) on top.

If you go to Moby Dick you MUST order this roll. You can thank me later.

This sushi restaurant is easy to overlook, but please don’t! The downsides are that it’s not fancy or that innovative (= traditional), the restaurant is small (though they do have seating at the sushi bar), the service can be a little rough (as the family that owns it also runs the show), and it’s in a dumpy area. The upsides are that the sushi is really good, they sell massively large cans of Japanese beer, you are helping out a small business in Wheaton, and if you go enough, they will remember you!

Check it out!

Sushi Party!


Last year on Christmas I gave Greg a sushi making kit- it was something I put together for him with all of the sushi making essentials and we have been making sushi ever since. Well, he has been making sushi and I have been the sous chef.  We decided to show off our skills and invited a few folks over to partake in a sushi party.  Greg has two friends that live in Japan right now and one happened to be in town with his Japanese girlfriend (as in, lived in Japan her whole life and only in the states visiting right now kind of Japanese!!).  The pressure was on! In preperation for this event, I contacted Melanie at the Whole Foods in Silver Spring to let her know we’d be stopping by the store to pick up some ingredients. She graciously met with us and was so generous! Thank you Melanie! We picked up some beautiful looking seafood, produce, and some odds and ends and headed home to begin making the sushi.

One thing I have struggled with as the sous chef is making the rice. Obviously, this is an essential element to the sushi, but man, I just can’t get it right! Our Japanese guests highly suggested using a rice cooker, which I have but did not use. I will definitely try that next time. For this go round, however, I made it on the stove top and used this:

I followed the directions to a tee. First rinsing it and cooking it exactly how the container’s directions suggested.

It looked pretty good and I was encouraged! It was a teeny bit crunchy still though- wtf?!

According to our Japanese guests, any short grain rice will do and you don’t have to purchase “sushi” rice. So American, right? They made a great analogy to their experience eating bread at Italian restaurants  in Japan. It’s bread, it tastes like bread, but it’s not as good as “real” Italian bread. That’s pretty much how this rice was for them-  standard rice, but not GOOD rice.  Next time, I may try to buy Japanese rice… eek!

While the rice was cooking we prepared the fixings, fish, and other fillers.

I purchased this wasabi and  pickled ginger at Whole Foods.

It’s powdered wasabi so in order to make it you combine equal parts powder and water to form the paste.

I made a lot!

I pulled out the shiso leaves because I never had them before. Pretty lame, I know.

We purchase three types of fish (tuna, snapper, and salmon) and some shrimp (for shrimp tempura rolls). The quality of the fish was excellent- look how pretty!

The (heart shaped) tuna!

The snapper ( I believe of the red variety).

The salmon (so gorgeous!).


We tempura battered and fried the shrimp.

Everything needed to be cut down to size for the rolls. We sliced up the fish and also the cucumber and avocado that would go in many of the rolls.

So, now on to the fun, yet most difficult part. We used these nori sheets:

We added rice wine vinegar to the rice.

and the sushi rolling began…

This was a spicy salmon roll.

Uh, yeah! That’s a sushi roll on a Steelers plate.

Next, the making of the shrimp tempura roll.

The whole rolling process went on for nearly 2 hours- I kid you not! It takes a lot of time and hard work, but just look at these results! MMMMM….

The “everything roll” (above)- all three types of fish, cucumber and avocado and a crazy assortment below.

I could not get the camera in focus for these close-ups because I am clueless when it comes to cameras, but I wanted you to see the shrimp tempura roll (front) and the salmon roll behind it.

Below, another out of focus shot (grr!) of the tuna rolls.

There were so many combinations of rolls and we also made some nigiri.

All in all, TONS of sushi!

Everyone happily ate and we almost finished it all! We had about 8 pieces leftover, which is not bad at all! We also got the chance to open some Saki that had been given to us for Christmas, by none other than one of our guests tonight! I have never been into Saki, but this one was really good! It was served cold and did not taste like rubbing alcohol, which is always a plus :]

For dessert, we served tiramisu. Wait, what? That’s not Japanese. Yeah, I know, but I had most of the ingredients and everyone loves it. I followed my own recipe and it came out great! I actually made it two days in advance this time, which worked really well. Everyone scarfed it down, so I take that as a success!