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Restaurant Review: Moby Dick (Wheaton)

Sushi and road trips don’t usually go hand in hand, but on Saturday when Greg and I were on our 5-hour journey back home from the outer banks it was all we could think about.  It came up innocently enough… a reasonable deceleration about how much time had lapsed since the last time we had sushi and how we would like to have it again some time.  The trip wore on and we grew increasingly hungry. Fresh memories of what poor food decisions were made all week were still fresh. It was the perfect storm.  Sushi take out for dinner it was!

Greg and I have been big fans of Moby Dick (no website; 11220 Triangle Lane)  a little, family-run sushi joint in Wheaton, for years. It is our go-to sushi spot and despite what anyone says, it’s perfect (for us, at least). It’s not overly fancy or trying to be anything it’s not (cough, kaz sushi bistro, cough ) and we always leave stuffed and very satisfied.

I always start off with miso soup whenever I get sushi. Moby Dick’s is great in my eyes and very traditional. Sorry, no picture. I inhaled it. I was very dehydrated!

We typically over order with sushi and spend a lot of $, which is one of the reasons why we don’t eat it too often and mostly save it for special occasions or wagers on large bets. I thought we did a fairly decent job of ordering this time.

Starting from top right (above): spicy salmon roll, crunchy spicy tuna roll, yellow tail roll, rainbow roll, and mackerel nigiri.

Pictured below: dragon roll.

Doesn’t the second tray look like a face?!

Every single piece of sushi I ate was absolutely divine. The star, however, was the crunchy spicy tuna roll. Its essentially a spicy tuna roll covered in tempura flakes (= fried goodness) with a spicy sauce (siracha + mayo) on top.

If you go to Moby Dick you MUST order this roll. You can thank me later.

This sushi restaurant is easy to overlook, but please don’t! The downsides are that it’s not fancy or that innovative (= traditional), the restaurant is small (though they do have seating at the sushi bar), the service can be a little rough (as the family that owns it also runs the show), and it’s in a dumpy area. The upsides are that the sushi is really good, they sell massively large cans of Japanese beer, you are helping out a small business in Wheaton, and if you go enough, they will remember you!

Check it out!

Restaurant Review: Hong Kong Restaurant (Kensington)

You may have never noticed this place as it is in a little strip mall behind what used to be a bank (and is now an urgent care) and a gas station. It’s behind and to the right of the strip mall that houses continental subs and pizza, if you are familiar with that (if you are not familiar with that, you should be!). Anyway, Hong Kong, has pretty good, reliable Chinese food and on Sunday they have a “family buffet”. Now, it’s important to note that this is not your typical buffet where in the center of the restaurant there are large trays of food that you pick from. No, not here. This “buffet” is really food served family style, meaning that as you finish a dish, they will bring you more of the same. Each person gets tea, their choice of soup and an egg roll. They brought Greg and I three entrees- one chicken, one beef and one shrimp. We were simply told what they were and there was no choice in that department. Luckily, we were fine with just about anything they could have brought.

When we walked in we were the only customers in the restaurant. The decor is a mix of old and new and the waitress was a bit odd, but whatever. We were promptly served tea and crunchy noodles with duck sauce, mmm. (Pictures are from the iphone- sorry!)

and then like five seconds later we got our soups. I got hot and sour and Greg got wonton.I usually judge a Chinese place on their hot and sour soup. This soup was solidly good. Nothing to go crazy over, but good, standard hot and sour.

(note: steelers shirts make good backdrops for photos!)

Like I mentioned, we also got egg rolls (unpictured).The egg rolls were super good, deep fried, deliciousness.

Next, came our entrees.

More specifically, we got shrimp with vegetables, Hunan chicken, and beef with broccoli (I think).

Of the three dishes, ironically the chicken was the best! Usually I don’t order chicken when I am out because I eat so much of it at home. This dish was really excellent though and it was the only one we forced ourselves to finish so we could get another serving of it. It was really tough, let me tell you.  The beef and shrimp were pretty standard really. I can’t remember the exact pricing, but this deal is quite a steal. This place also delivers and we have had pretty good success with them. Again, it’s not gonna rock your world, but it should satisfy your Chinese food cravings!

Two Pizzas

For dinner tonight we decided to make pizza at home because trying to find good pizza in suburban Maryland is IMPOSSIBLE. We went to a local Italian market called Marchone’s to get some of our ingredients. We bought enough dough for two pizzas, their homemade red sauce, and two hot sausage links. We decided to make pizza number 1 a barbecue chicken pizza and pizza number 2 a margherita style with sausage. Both came out great and highly recommend Marchone’s for any ingredients you need for an Italian meal. Also, the sandwich line was very long, which is also a good sign that their subs are good too! We must try those soon…

Pizza #1

After several hours of thawing...

both doughs

chicken mixed with Stubb's bbq sauce

the good stuff

before baking...

after baking

after baking

there was some extra crust so we folded it over

Recipe for BBQ Chicken PizzaPizza #2fresh hot sausage from marchone's.. i love when food comes in deli paper!

before baking

after baking

Recipe for Margherita Pizza with Sausage

Making pizza is an activity I highly recommend! If you live where we do, you will surely be pleased and you get to add whatever toppings you like, making it even better.

Friday night

Ahh yes it is Friday, finally. They can never get here too quickly and it was especially exciting because tonight we went out for dinner  to Cristina’s in Wheaton. This place has GREAT Italian food and we can walk there from our house, which is an added bonus. It is so nice to leave the car behind sometimes.

Cristina’s has a charm about it that you don’t see a lot in this area. The owners were there seating people and checked in with us to ensure we enjoyed our meal. There appears to be a good crowd of regulars and we found ourselves to be some of the youngest people there (it was before 7pm!) at first, but as it got later some younger people did come in as well. It’s nicely lit and small enough where you may need a reservation, but big enough where you probably won’t. It’s a great date spot, but would also be nice to go with others. Overall, we just love it and food wise it always delivers a great meal.

We started off with La Caprese Completa: Fresh homemade mozzarella served with fresh sliced tomatoes, basil and olive oil. I don’t know how they always manage to have these delicious ripe tomatoes, but they do. Also, the olive oil they use is out of this world. This was a great way to start off the meal.

Both of our entrees came with salads (house or cesar) and we both chose cesar. You can’t go wrong with either choice here. Of course there was some fresh bread that accompanied the meal, including a rosemary focaccia-type bread and a classic italian white.

For our entrees, Greg ordered the Vitello Benito: Tender slices of veal sauteed with shallots, balsamic vinegar and marsala wine topped with asparagus. I praise him for branching out and trying this dish. The veal was very nice and tender and had a marsala based sauce. It also came with linguine. I don’t know if they make their pastas in house, but they taste so fresh that they must be homemade. The pastas are so tender they just melt in your mouth. For my entree I did not branch out and ordered something I had before and loved. I had been thinking about all day and was not deterred by the big menu! I had the Gamberi Florentine: Fresh jumbo shrimp stuffed with spinach, feta cheese and fresh herbs. Topped with lemon-butter sauce and broiled to perfection. Served with linguine. This dish is absolute perfection in my opinion. I really want to try to recreate this at home some time soon!All in all, we had a fantastic meal at Cristina’s tonight and I already cannot wait to go back again. I have not yet become comfortable with the idea of taking pictures of my food in public so sorry for the lack of pictures! Maybe I will get there one day…

After dinner we checked out Dad’s Pub in Rockville, mostly due to the fact that it’s close and has live music. We have been there once before and I think the crowd really makes a difference here. Tonight, it was rather small and was most likely the spill-over of the happy hour crowd (ie: people were pretty nice and toasty by the time we got there). Also, it was apparent that there was a caps game that just ended as several people meandered the bar in their obnoxious red jerseys. Sorry, I could live without caps fans in my life. Anyway, we called it quits pretty early and headed home… looking forward tomorrow night’s “winterfest” at our house!