Spicy Tuna and Salmon Tempura Roll

Homemade sushi!  It is not easy, but I am getting better.  We have featured most of these other rolls before with a new guest this time of spicy tuna and salmon tempura roll.  Also, this was about $12 worth of fish which shows you the mark up in restaurants, but again it is not easy and nice when someone really good and quick does it for you.  Anyway, spicy tuna and salmon tempura roll!

Start with the filling.  As in the restaurants, these were basically the scrap pieces chopped up and mixed together.  When I say scrap, I don’t mean pieces that you or possibly even a dog shouldn’t be eating but the edges and other slivers that are trimmed off of nigiri pieces and roll slices.  This is a bit oranger because of the salmon though it was a bit heavier on the tuna.  Siracha and mayo mixed in.  Then to the assembly

Then the tough part…..

These are cut in half.  When I said tempura, I meant that these whole pieces were going in.  Be sure to follow the directions on the tempura box and use cold water.

About 2 minutes on each side and drain

After a few minutes of cooling, slice and serve



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