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Cold Crab Dip

This is the first of many leftover crab recipes.  A very simple cold dip that is mixed and let to sit refrigerated until ready to serve.

Just mix all of the ingredients and sprinkle a bit more old bay on top for extra taste and decoration.  Serve with sliced bread, toast, or crackers.

Recipe for Cold Crab Dip


Crab and Corn Chowder

One weeknight, we decided to use the extra crab meat we had to make a crab soup. This recipe is semi-homemade in the sense that we used some canned soups to create our soup and not all of the ingredients were homemade. This recipe was the result of melding several different crab bisque and chowder recipes. I was quite pleased with the end result though and it was also great re-heated for lunch the next day.

Like many things we eat, this dish started off with a good saute of some onions and garlic in butter.

After the onions sweated out, it was time to add the remaining ingredients, which mostly consisted of the canned soups (cream of celery and cream of mushroom) and the dairy- milk and half and half.

Also not to be forgotten are the veggies- corn and asparagus and of course, the holy grail of spices in our house, Old Bay, among others.

You can see how nicely the soup thickened up after simmering for a little while. At the very end, we added the crab meat and some fresh parsley. Since the crab meat is already cooked it only needs to heat up in the soup, not cook. It’s best to add it at the end so it maintains it’s firmness within the soup.

This was a relatively quick and easy dinner and perfect for the winter-ness that was going on outside!

Recipe for Crab and Corn Chowder

Snow Crab Legs (how fitting!)

It’s begun! The Mid Atlantic is supposed to get hammered this weekend by a serious snow storm. It is possible we will get up to 30 inches of snow, which should shut down the state for at least a week. Fittingly, the other night we ate one of our favorite things: snow crab legs. Giant had these on sale for $4.99 a pound, which is pretty awesome and a tad disrespectful to the crabs! Anyway, we steamed them with old bay and served them with butter in the mini-crock pot, AKA “the little dipper”. No sides or anything, the snow crab is the star of the show.

Gettin’ their steam on for about 6-8 minutes.

Unfortunately, we decided to take a picture after a few rounds and this guy has seen better days. Despite it’s amputee-status it still tasted good, and that’s what matters. It was a nice mid-week treat.

Now bring on the snow!