Snow Crab Legs (how fitting!)

It’s begun! The Mid Atlantic is supposed to get hammered this weekend by a serious snow storm. It is possible we will get up to 30 inches of snow, which should shut down the state for at least a week. Fittingly, the other night we ate one of our favorite things: snow crab legs. Giant had these on sale for $4.99 a pound, which is pretty awesome and a tad disrespectful to the crabs! Anyway, we steamed them with old bay and served them with butter in the mini-crock pot, AKA “the little dipper”. No sides or anything, the snow crab is the star of the show.

Gettin’ their steam on for about 6-8 minutes.

Unfortunately, we decided to take a picture after a few rounds and this guy has seen better days. Despite it’s amputee-status it still tasted good, and that’s what matters. It was a nice mid-week treat.

Now bring on the snow!


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