Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches

We and especially I never make desserts so this is a real rarity.  I love oreos and would say they are my favorite manufactured cookie so the cookie sandwich idea is a big hit with me.  I also love the ice cream cookie sandwiches that look like this.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to reconstruct oreos and am always a sucker when I see cookie sandwiches at street table bakeries like the ones they have set up in the Strip on weekends.  The cookies or icing were not too difficult to make, but I was a little slow since I don’t have much experience in baking.

I started with the icing which I looked up a recipe for because honestly I really don’t know much about desserts!  This was the butter and shortening – whatever that is, I think we all know but it is best to just go with it.  Let these sit out to soften for an hour or more and take the butter out of the wrapper before letting to soften.  Seems obvious now but things you learn along the way.  Then cream them, which means mix them.

Thank god for the industrial revolution and hand held machines that can do this hard work for you!  It sadly was still a bit tough even with the electric handheld blender.  Then add vanilla flavoring, which you will see the recipe called for clear imitation vanilla, and slowly add powdered/confectioners sugar.  The icing sets over a bit of time and tastes much better with a better texture than right away.

Tasting required

So set the icing aside in a safe place, meaning away from your fingers and any other fingers or spoons.

Onto the cookies.  What we really noticed about this recipe was the contribution of the brown sugar and the different taste and texture that it added and really made these a step above.  Start by mixing the butter and sugars.

It's just best to not know the ingredients of these sorts of items

Once that is thoroughly mixed, start to slowly add the dry ingredients.  Salt is definitely a key ingredient in sweets like this.

Once that is all mixed it is a wonderfully tasty and tempting cookie dough.  Hey you know what, someone should put this in vanilla ice cream!  That would be amazing!  The recipe said to hand fold in the chocolate chips but you know how the saying goes, once you go industrial revolution, you don’t go back, you just use the lowest setting.

Use a spoon and fingers to make cookie dough balls.  I started to check on the cookies at about 60% of the time that the recipe said and took them out then or soon after.  Keep and eye on them.  Then have a blast making sandwiches.  I made so many that I sort of presorted the cookies into towers of similar shapes.  I mean they were all perfectly round and the same size.

Both recipes were great and even better combined!  The icing firmed up a bit after a while which was good so you wouldn’t take the first bite and lose all of the  icing out of the back.

**For this occasion I wanted to make a lot of small to medium sandwiches for a lot of people so I doubled the cookie recipe, and halved the icing recipe which was a pretty good ratio.


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