Chive Butter Quickpost

This is a quick post because it is very simple but worth showing.  I used fresh chives from our garden and mixed them into softened butter and sent the butter back to the fridge to be available for many uses.

Getting a little wild

After a trip to the barber

Then just mix the chopped chives into softened butter and return to the fridge.

I was being closely watched by this Avatar during the process (I didn’t see the movie so don’t know if that is the right name, but you get the idea)

I made another version later also adding finely chopped garlic and have found many uses for the butter.  It will stay in the fridge for quite a while and is a good use of garden fresh chives.  We have spread it on toasted bagels, mixed into scrambled eggs, and pictured below is a piece of the butter on a nicely charred filet.



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