Fajita Shrimp Caesar Salad

We have made fresh Caesar dressing before and it was a huge hit.  The one difference this time was using chopped canned anchovies instead of anchovy paste. I lightly floured and baked some shrimp and placed it atop sauteed veggies for a light and summery dinner salad.  This would also be great to serve in a large quantity at a party or dinner.

The canned version had a stronger flavor and spread further which required some adjusting of the recipe to cut the taste a bit.  So don’t use the same amount of canned anchovies as paste form.

These veggies were on sale by the register and were pre-cut which was nice.  I sauteed them until soft and let them cool a bit before going on the salad.

Toss shrimp in flour with some seasonings like garlic powder and cayenne and place them in a well oiled baking dish.

Turn them half way through, about 8 minutes at 350.  Make sure that they are well coated with oil again.

Toss the romaine, dressing, and veggies together and top with shrimp.  Another shake of parmesan is always welcome.  I usually like some fresh ground black pepper too.



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