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Seared Scallops in Panang Curry Sauce

I always love to order panang curry when I go to Thai restaurants. It has a slightly bolder flavor than the red, green or yellow curry dishes and is so tasty when paired with coconut milk. I once stumbled across a recipe for it online and I realized that just like making red or green curry it all begins with the paste.

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Pittsburgh Food Blogger Meet-up!

Last Thursday night Greg and I attended a Pittsburgh Food Blogger meet-up, hosted by Mike from Foodburgh, at Bocktown Beer and Grill. We too shared the same apprehension as Nicole, but figured why not give it a go and so we went.

 We made the drive out to the ‘burbs, winding around all the classic American chain stores and restaurants and found Bocktown, tucked away in a rather small, dead looking strip mall in the land of strip malls, Robinson. We walked in and bee-lined it for the bar… it was a Thursday after all. Greg got a pumpkin beer, called the drunken pumpkin, and I got strawberry wheat ale. We found our group and introduced ourselves. A few minutes later, Lauren joined us and she ordered the same pumpkin beer that Greg got but hers was rimmed with sugar and cinnamon. YUM! I definitely got one of those for my second drink and it was AWESOME. Greg got a crème brule beer for his second and it was very sweet and almost tasted like coffee he said.

…anyway, on to the food! It was the night of the first pens game and so they had some pens inspired menu items. Not to mention that their regular menu is quiet big too so it was really tough to make a decision. Word from our fellow diners was that everything was good, even the salads, and particularly the burgers were great. One of their specialties is also their hand cut fries, which you can order with a variety of toppings. Greg wasn’t too hungry so he ordered a small order (which was anything but small) of fries topped with beer cheese and jalapeños. I ordered the Geno Burgher, which was a burger on marbled rye with sautéed onions, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing from the special menu. This “burgher” was inspired by Evgeni Malkin, affectionately known as Geno in Pittsburgh who is Russian, hence the burger’s toppings. I cut it in half and gave Greg half of my half and ended up taking the other half home for Friday’s lunch. Between the beer, ¼ of the burger and a ton of his fries I was stuffed.

 A few notes on Bocktown. First off, I was very impressed with the service. Our waitress was really fun and Bocktown even gave our table a large, specialty bottle of beer to try out, which was really tasty. The menu was big and it sounded like almost everything anyone has ordered off it is solidly good. According to Mike, they also try to be as local and sustainable as possible and even the takeout containers were mindful of these concepts, how nice. Lastly, Bocktown is into the whole social media thing and is pro bloggers, which is very cool. The only negative for me was the drive out there, but even that wasn’t too bad.  

 The experience of meeting up with the fellow bloggers was really great too. It rekindled some food blogging excitement for me and inspired me to resume writing our restaurant reviews again since we were talking about so many great restaurants. I am already looking forward to the next meet up and the potential for a really great meal!

Buffalo Chicken Burgers with Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

This is an interpretation of burgers and wings and most importantly, buffalo and blue cheese flavors!  This was inspired by our friend Matt that brought buffalo chicken burgers to a cookout a while back.  He got the idea from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. I took the basic idea and added some flavors that we have enjoyed with this combo.

Start with ground chicken.

These are made in the same fashion as regular burgers but with a few different ingredients.

Garlic Parmesan buffalo sauce was a key ingredient that was mixed into the burgers and I also reserved some as a topping sauce.

Garlic Parmesan Buffalo Sauce

Get those hands dirty and mix up the meat and form the patties.

Patti Mayonnaise

I prepped the rosemary potatoes and threw them on the top shelf of the grill for about a half an hour before starting the burgers.  It was just foil wrapped redskin potatoes with rosemary, garlic, onion, banana peppers, salt, and pepper, and oil.

Be sure to wrap it well in 2-3 layers of foil.

Ready for battle

About 45 minutes on the grill

Grill the burgers up as you normally would.  Be sure that the grill is well oiled as the chicken has more of a tendency to stick and come apart a bit.

A key component of any buffalo dish is the blue cheese.  Nothing beats a good garlicky homemade blue cheese dressing!

So simple and so great!

Great as a dip, dressing, topping

The final product minus the sauces

Recipe for Buffalo Chicken Burgers

Recipe for Garlic Parmesan Buffalo Sauce

Recipe for Blue Cheese Dressing