Loaded Turnip Potato Leek Soup

We received all three of the title ingredients in one of our last CSA pick-ups of the year and I figured out a way to use them all in one dish! I think that should get me some bonus points, don’t you? I made a creamy, comfort food style soup, jazzing it up with some cheese and bacon to really maximize the flavors. Making this soup involved very few steps.

These were our turnips. The first step is to peel these guys and chop them up. Peeling wasn’t the easiest, but I managed. Next, I chopped up the potatoes and the leeks as well and added everything to the pot with some melted butter.

This cooked for about 35-40 minutes.

Next I added chicken broth and let it simmer for another 45 minutes until the veggies were very tender.

At this point it is time to blend. I used our hand held immersion blender but a regular blender in batches will do the trick as well.

Next I added some half n half to add some creaminess and some salt and pepper for flavor enhancement. I then cooked it some more to thicken it up and it was ready to go.

It was good alone but why not add some cheese and bacon? It can only make it better and that it did! I cut up some bacon and cooked it as the soup simmered away. Put it on top with some cheddar cheese and enjoy! It’s like a loaded baked potato soup, but slight more complex thanks to the turnips and leeks.

This was relatively simple to make and packed a lot of great taste. Enjoy this one on a cold winter night and you won’t be disappointed.



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