S’mores Pops

These were a great idea that Eileen got from the blog Carrots n Cake and were quick and easy and a big hit at the Labor Day BBQ that we brought them to.  These s’mores pops bring the campfire taste indoors or anywhere with less mess, but the lack of melty marshmallow and chocolate is a slight loss in the trade off.  Your hair wont smell like campfire for 3 showers though and I think that is worth it!

I found these hilarious oversized, almost novelty marshmallows at the grocery store and though Eileen laughed at them at first, they were perfect and we would suggest using them if you can find them.  We always have bamboo grilling skewers on hand and made the pops while the chocolate melted.  We started with chocolate chips and ran low so we added a Hershey’s bar that we just happened to have on hand/had since the last time we made a fire and meant to make s’mores but didn’t.

Make sure to use a double boiler, a pot with your chocolate over a pot of simmering water.  Otherwise the chocolate (or whatever it is you are melting) will scorch and burn.

Check out the M.C. Escher photo effect in the pots

Crush up graham crackers, dip the marshmallow in chocolate, and roll in the graham cracker.  Have a cooling spot ready, we used a baking sheet with parchment paper.

We refrigerated them because we were going to an out of town wedding, then returning and heading right to the cookout.  They were fine after the refrigerator and it was probably for the best with the heat.



One response to “S’mores Pops

  1. Oh wow, what great presentation and they look so cute and delicious. I may be British and not really understand S’mores, but I want to make something to do with it – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad S’more recipe.

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