Buffalo……Pork Chops?

As a Foodbuzz participant (yeah, over to the right there) we receive promotions in return for trying them out and letting you know about them like the recent Godiva coffee.  This summer we received KC Masterpiece Buffalo Marinade.  I wanted to do something different than the cliche buffalo chicken and had some boneless pork chops on hand with fresh blue cheese and a nice summer grill.

An appropriate background for buffalo sauce and summer grilling right?

 I marinated the chops for a few hours before grilling.  Had to taste the sauce out of the bottle too, which was good.  It says hot, but ehhh.  I usually push it to the limit with my heat seeking taste though.  A former roomate even described my taste as aggressive.

The grill really left some great grill marks on the pork chops.  I grilled them hot and fast to try not to dry them out which is a danger with boneless chops.

Does winter have to come?

As mentioned, we had some fresh blue cheese from the usual, Penn Mac in the strip.  At $5.99 a pound for domestic blue, it can’t be beat and is great to have around for salads, burgers, slaw, buffalo pork chops, whatever.

We served the chops with a side of dipping sauce and a corn, black bean, and tomato salad.  The sauce gets our thumbs up as a marinade, dipping sauce, and ingredient for dips.



One response to “Buffalo……Pork Chops?

  1. Aggressive taste… You love dark meat!

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