Italian Wedding Soup

Amazing!  I have always loved Italian Wedding Soup but have never tried to make it.  We were turned on to this recipe by a visit to Eileen’s dad recently.  We like Lidia, and it is a recipe of hers which featured a step that I had not seen before and of course it worked out perfectly and was genius.

This is the start of the step that I had not experienced before, blending these raw ingredients, sauteing them in oil, then simmering into the base water of the soup.

Blend into a paste in the food processor…

Saute in oil, not the most attractive step….

Add the water and increase the attractive qualities by 4%.  The recipe called for 7 quarts of water which is a good amount to spread all of these great tastes.

I had never seen the step of making a raw vegetable paste and simmering it into the water.  I haven’t made too many soups I guess.  The rest is adding a huge amount of fresh cut vegetables that cook down and into the soup an amazing amount.

While it simmers down for almost 2 hours, make the meatball mixture and set aside until the last 20 minutes of simmering.

We substituted breadcrumbs for the bread the recipe called for

A big meatball that will make many small ones

Poach the meatballs in boiling water for a few minutes and transfer them to the soup for a last half hour simmer or more.

Be patient to make them small enough by hand to be little bites in the soup.

Dress accordingly.  We added cubes of fresh cut provolone, grated parmesan, and a little drizzle of olive oil.

Really great recipe!

Lidia’s Italian Wedding Soup Recipe




2 responses to “Italian Wedding Soup

  1. I love Italian wedding soup but have never tried making my own, either. Yours looks incredible… I might have to try!

  2. mmmm!! I made borracho style chili once, that had me blend up the ingredients and “fry” the puree in batches before adding the meat in. Very interesting, and developed GREAT flavors! Love it

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