Pork and Ginger Dumplings

We were making some finger foods for guests and while dumplings are not the typical “finger food”  they were a good munchie to have out.  We kept it pretty simple with pork, ginger, and green onion.  We tried a few different cooking types as can be seen above before deciding on the best.

For the filling, we simply mixed raw pork sausage, freshly grated ginger, and chopped green onion.

Ginger grating action!

I picked out some of the large and visible pieces of fat and hand mixed the filling.

We used wrappers from an Asian market that were Hong Kong style which were very thin.

It is great to be able to buy these so cheaply when someone else does all of the hard work

When it comes to filling dumplings, it is always difficult to be disciplined enough to put the right amount of filling in.  I always put way too much in and they can’t be properly sealed.


Discipline young apprentice!

Wet the edges and close the wrapper.  We went with the half moon shape.

A pound of pork yielded about 50 dumplings.  Be sure to place a piece of foil or wax paper between the layers.

When it came to the cooking, we were not sure what the best method would be and tested a few to see.  We boiled them, steamed them, pan fried them, and boiled and pan fried them.


Pan fried



We tried them with some dipping sauce and green onion.  Probably no surprise, but the pan fried were the best and we decided to use that method for the mass cooking.

They were easy to cook up in mass and were a big hit!  Definitely a bit of work to prepare them but it is easy to knock out a lot once you get going and it is well worth it in the end!



2 responses to “Pork and Ginger Dumplings

  1. Those look so good. I love thin dough/pan fried dumplings – yum!

  2. How cute are these?? I LOVE ginger and am always up for a dumpling! Delicious 🙂

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