White Bean Hummus with Roasted Garlic

I had some leftover great northern beans in my pantry from when I made the chicken chili. I have made hummus with edamame before, so why not make it with the white beans? I remember reading a post for white bean hummus on How Sweet It Is a while back and decided to check it out. Jessica’s addition of roasted garlic seemed brilliant so I followed her recipe. The only change I made was adding lemon juice at the end.

The first step was to roast the garlic. I have never roasted garlic before, but it is very simple and well worth it.

Then it was all in the food processor from there…

Beans, Tahini, Garlic. Drizzle in some olive oil while it’s blending and you’ve got yourself some hummus!

Check out my nifty serving plate. I ❤ it! It’s handmade and I love ceramics like this.

This is really easy to throw together and I enjoyed the light flavor of the white beans. Hope you like it too!


Recipe for White Bean Hummus with Roasted Garlic


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