Fried Chicken

Good ol fried chicken!  This was made with the onion rings posted a while back in one great outdoor end of summer frying session with some friends.  A first time try and success.  

As mentioned, this is definitely a process for outside if you can or a thorough exhaust system.  We used the side burner of the gas grill.  I started with rinsed,dried and dried chicken pieces, beaten egg with hot sauce and a seasoned flour mixture.


Yes, that is the air conditioner

Seasoned the chicken with some salt and pepper, dipped it in the egg, and rolled it into the seasoned flour mixture before heading into the 350 degree oil.

Put about 4 pieces into the oil at a time for about 10-15 minutes depending on what piece it is and how big it is.

We served these with onion rings and creamed spinach on this night.  Made a good handful of leftovers since we so rarely have such a large pot of boiling oil!


With sunshine goodness!

Recipe for Fried Chicken seasoning

Recipe for Onion Rings




2 responses to “Fried Chicken

  1. Oh my gosh that fried chicken looks yummy! I love fried chicken – and onion rings, too. I am just not adventurous enough to fry in that much oil!!! I am envious!

  2. Yum! There are so many different ways to fry chicken and your recipe and method look wonderful! 🙂

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