Tarragon Chicken Salad

I got a package of tarragon for some inspired recipes so this will be one a of a few upcoming tarragon features.

I got some bulk whole boneless chicken breasts, froze some and baked this one up with salt, pepper, and lemon zest.

I also topped them with lemon and jalapeno slices.


Reminds me of a Mayan mask


I got a piece of whole slab bacon, sliced up some thick slices, and baked it at the same time as the chicken.


That baking mat is professional


Once everything was cooled, I shredded the chicken and stirred it all with about a half cup of mayo, lemon juice, and about a quarter cup of tarragon.

After tasting, I added some brown mustard and it really came together.  Served it on some lettuce and made a couple of weekday lunches for both of us!



One response to “Tarragon Chicken Salad

  1. You’re a weirdo Greg. Mayan mask.

    P.S. Those chickpeas that you got me “down the strip” ended up going into hummus. I didn’t plan ahead and started cooking them at 7:30pm when my soup was going to be ready at 8. They take two hours to cook, so not an option for dinner. Anywho, the hummus is great and I will be using the rest for something more creative! Thanks!

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