Filet Mignon Party!


Filet and some good friends


We had an absolute feast with some friends featuring grilled filet mignon with sauteed mushrooms and onions, spicy red pepper mac n cheese, rosemary and garlic mashed potatoes, and creamed spinach.  The Strip District struck again!  I had wanted to get a log of filet for quite some time because the price goes down as you buy a bigger cut, so we called on some friends to help us out.

I got about a 4 lb cut of filet at Wholey’s for $9.99 lb and sliced it into 8 steaks that were a healthy inch thick.






It was as much fun as you would imagine it to be


Grilled them up and topped them with sauteed mushrooms and onions.  Called on the charcoal on a very warm nearing the end of season night.

We called on some great traditional sides that we have made in the past.  First creamed spinach that started out with this $3 pillow of spinach.


Mushroom scale


Really though, why is spinach so expensive in the grocery store?  A bag a quarter of this size was $4.99 at the grocery store.


We also made spicy mac n cheese, but I substituted 3 or 4 red jalapenos for the hot sauce.  They ended up being really spicy, but is better than the hot sauce which can be too salty in the end.


I also made garlic rosemary redskin mashed potatoes and we had an absolute feast!  We even had leftover filet which will be another great dinner another night.

Recipe for Creamed Spinach

Recipe for Spicy Mac n Cheese

Recipe for Rosemary and Garlic Mashed Potatoes




One response to “Filet Mignon Party!

  1. All of that looks very tasty. My dad use to get a pork loin in that similar tube shape (hah) but his cooking methods are a little unrefined. Call me up next time you’re making a meal like this. I’ll review it. 😉

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