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Pig Roast!

Warning!  Some of the following post may be graphic and upsetting to some readers!

As a going away gift, our friends graciously sponsored our going away party as we were about to depart Maryland.  Roasting a whole pig was decided upon, as the idea has been floating around for a few years and this seemed like the opportunity.  They were able to find good deals on a pig and renting an electric spit.  We cook, eat, and talk about a lot of different cuts of meat on this site, but being in the whole form does seem to change things a bit.  So proceed with caution, and I did omit many pics that could have made it far worse.

The first questions is, what kind of person desires so strongly to roast a whole pig?

This guy does!

The pig weighed about 49 pounds and came pre gutted and basically all prepped for us.  We added some seasoning and filled the cavity with onions, garlic and leeks.  Then the pig had to be skewered and sewn up to keep the filling in.

Coming together

Filled and ready to be closed up

He makes an excellent seamstress

The rented spit was well experienced but did a great job once we messed around with it, formed it into shape, and got the right tension on the chain to the motor.

We ended up using about 50 lbs of charcoal total

Once the pig was stabilized on the skewer and the coals had ashed over, it was time for the final assembly and a lot of waiting.

The pig ended up cooking for about 8 hours and could have used a little more time and a little hotter charcoal throughout.  It was our first time though and everyone seemed pleased with the final product.  There was plenty of time to hang out while the pig roasted and it was over 100 degrees this day so…

What up dawg? Ya know staying cool in the pool.

This is the last picture we have of the pig, which is about halfway through.  It turned out great though and we will do even better next time!


The Perfect Sunday

Even Bogie enjoyed the down time!

Today was the perfect lazy day. We lounged around all day, watched football and braised some beef! The first game was very disappointing as New England just didn’t show up at all. The second game started off similarly but became a really good game and it was nice to just lay around all day together.

It’s NFL playoff time! For the third year in a row Greg and I decided to do an NFL playoff pool where we pick each playoff game’s winner and over/under based on the spread. At the end of the playoffs, the loser has to take the winner out for a nice dinner. This year’s dinner will be to Black Market Bistro in Kensington. I have been very successful in years past, but got off to a rough start yesterday going 1-3. Greg went 4-0 so I had some ground to make up today. Unfortunately only one out of my four picks differed from his, but it was a winner! Going into next week Greg has 5 and I have 3.

For dinner, we decided to break in our new dutch oven! We scoured the internet for recipes and ultimately went with this one by Emeril because this was the kind of meat they had at the grocery store. Also, the dutch oven is made by Emeril too, creepy.

This was one of the only times that we’ve followed a recipe and the cooking times were spot-on. That was exciting and we actually got to eat a Sunday dinner before 8pm! It came out really tender and it was very easy to shred. It needed a little seasoning, but overall it came out great and was very tasty!

At the half-way point

After shredding the beef, we put it back in the pot. Here is our version of Beer-braised pot roast in the dutch oven

the final product

Recipe for Beer-Braised Pot Roast and Vegetables