Twice Grilled Corned Beef Reubens

I am naming this twice grilled Corned Beef Reubens because the corned beef itself was indirect heat slow grilled then the sliced meat was used to make sandwiches grilled on the flattop.  This was a bi-product of  St Patty’s Day Corned Beef availability, an anxiousness to get grilling outside, and the existence of our new meat slicer.  Reubens are a good ol classic that we recreated by cooking Corned Beef in a bit of an unorthodox way and combining it with the orthodox rye bread, sauerkraut, swiss, and homemade spicy Russian dressing.

I started with a store bought corned brisket and sprinkled the seasoning packet on the meat and put it on the indirect heat of a charcoal grill similar to pulled pork or brisket.

After about 3 hours of indirect grilling with occasional turning, the beef was ready and taken off to cool and set.

You can see the fat jacket separating from the meat

That was it for the meat for a while until it was ready to be sliced using the meat slicer.  This was just the type of situation that I wanted to get the slicer for in the first place.

I sliced it pretty thin which is the great feature of this machine.

Now to assemble the sandwiches starting with multi grain rye bread and everyone’s friend, butter.

Get that grilling and load it up with sliced corned beef, homemade spicy Russian dressing, and store bought kraut.

The only step that wasn’t shown was adding swiss cheese before closing the sandwiches up and browning then on both sides.  They were a messy delight overflowing with plenty of grilled corned beef with gooey melted cheese, spicy dressing, and kraut.


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