Rotisseried Corned Beef

A good thing about St. Patty’s Day, and especially March 18th and on is the surplus of corned beef and the reduced prices after the 17th.  I always get one each year and this was no different.  In recent years I have been rotissering (and making up words) the corned beef which turns out more like a lunch meat texture than a pot roast if boiled.  Served with some roasted cabbage and made a few lunches also.

Starting with the corned beef itself which comes with a seasoning packet.  I speared it on the rotisserie skewer and tried to balance it as much as possible.  I have always had some trouble with this rotisserie.  It is a Hamilton Beach, name brand and all, but poorly designed.  The claws on the skewer are only about an inch and a half wide which is fine with a solid piece like this, but easily fits inside the cavity of a chicken.  I have tried many times, but don’t use it much more because of this major flaw.  Keep that in mind if buying a rotisserie.  Anyway, I balanced this as best as I could, covered it in the seasoning, and sent it into the rotisserie for almost 3 hours.

Action shot, but not so good

 The seasoning stuck much more than I thought.  Always be sure to slice across the grain with a cut like this.

We also quartered some cabbage heads with onions and roasted them with some oil, vinegar, carrots, and spices.

Layer the sliced corned beef on the cabbage.



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