Braised Country Ribs

This was a good indoor winter dish that sort of reminds me of summer a bit.  It was doable on a weekday in about 2 hours and well worth it.  The meat was soft and flavorful and didn’t need a lot of attention to make.

The ribs, which are pretty reasonably priced get a quick sear in a stainless steel pan.

Once the ribs were done, I put them into the sauce.  This was a simple mixture of hot sauce (red devil this time) and on the fridge door bbq sauce and some vinegar.  Warm them together just about to a boil and add the seared ribs.


Get them all well covered and submerged as much as possible.  Bring to a boil, cover and simmer stirring once in a while for about 90 minutes total.  Check and stir/turn a few times.


They are done when you grab them with tongs, the rib mostly stays together but gives pretty easily, or shreds off a bit.  The texture is great and a good way to spread a pretty modest cut of meat into a solid and easy dish.  We steamed some fresh cut broccoli and threw it right in the bowl with the ribs.  There was plenty of rich flavorful sauce to add to the bowl and worked well with the broccoli too.




One response to “Braised Country Ribs

  1. yum this looks really good

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