Crab Feast!

Bushel o Crabs

One of our bucket list Maryland events before we move was to have our annual summer crab fest.  I picked up a “bushel” of crabs at Seafood in the Buff which was supposed to be 7-8 dozen crabs but it was definitely less than that.  There was also seriously about 6 inches of just arms and legs at the bottom of the box.  Either way, there were plenty of crabs for all dozen or so people that were picking them.

A great side

At a crab feast in May, we learned a little insider tip of having watermelon on the table which is a great side to crabs.  The sweetness and moisture are a great sort of intermezzo to the crabs.

In order to do it right, you have to get down and dirty with them.  If you are finishing a whole crab in less than 15-20 minutes, you are missing a lot of meat!

There were 4 large ziploc bags of crabs leftover which we seriously spent about 6 hours cleaning to yield about 3 pounds of meat.  Yes, this is foreshadowing to more crab recipes coming up!


2 responses to “Crab Feast!

  1. mmm looks finger lick’n good.

    I see a crab cake recipe in your future…lol 🙂

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