Pepperoni Roll


A simple idea that I gave a try and will regularly insert for a quick meal or snack idea. This would also be a great dish to take to a party. You could use store bought dough or a canister but I made the dough using the same pizza recipe as we used for previous pizzas (Thai Chicken, Tomato Mushroom Pesto, Grilled Crab Pesto)


Starts with the dough as mentioned above. Then roll it out as you would a pizza but make it a bit more rectangular and start to line the pepperoni up and sprinkle cheese.



Then start to roll up. I folded the ends in about halfway up and being that this was the first time that I tried this I sort of learned along the way, which was not too difficult.


I then sprayed the rolls with a bit of oil and dusted with garlic powder and oregano.


Bake at 375 for about 20 minutes checking along the way. Again I learned along the way with the timing and temp and suggest to check too early instead of too late.





One response to “Pepperoni Roll

  1. My husband would love this! Hope you guys are doing well. We still haven’t had the baby yet. I’m guessing you guys are still waiting around too?

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