Crab Topped Grilled Fish (Mahi Mahi and Swordfish)

Grilled Swordfish topped with Crab stuffing

This is another leftover crabfeast dish.  Crab cakes were made in the meantime as expertly guessed by one of our loyal readers.  This stuffing/topping was inspired by the crab cake recipe and is somewhat similar.  I got both swordfish and mahi mahi since they are both good grilling fish and to try out some different taste combos.  They were the same price also.

First I prepared the stuffing/topping.

Since we had so much crab, I added about 8 oz but you could add more or less.

Stir it up (little darling)

Once the mixture was to this point, it was a bit too moist and not quite the texture that I had wanted.  It was not really clumping together like I had wanted and I did not want to throw an egg in since it was not going to be cooked.  So I decided to bake it for a bit (did not add the egg) until it was thickened and browned a bit.

I then grilled the fish and also some asparagus.  A bit of oil and salt and pepper for the fish and balsamic along with the oil salt and pepper for the asparagus.

Swordfish on the left, Mahi Mahi on the right

Then we just scooped the crab mixture on, plated, and shared.

The topped Mahi Mahi

Topped Swordfish

Recipe for Crab Stuffing/Topping

Recipe for Spicy Green Crab Cakes


One response to “Crab Topped Grilled Fish (Mahi Mahi and Swordfish)

  1. YUM crab!!! Anytime I see crab-stuffed ANYTHING on a menu, I immediately order it!

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