Cheddar Tuna Noodle Soup

Though this dish started off to be a “snack” it had the heartiness of a meal and made a great lunch. It was a winter wonderland outside and this was the perfect antidote for the bone chilling cold.  Also, it is a very simple recipe with ingredients most people have in the pantry.

Greg started off by heating up the canned soup (cheating, I know!). He used Cambell’s Cheddar Cheese Soup and made it according to the directions on the can. He added a can of drained tuna and let it simmer away while the pasta cooked.

He then added the cooked pasta and served it up. He topped the soup with Old Bay seasoning for some additional flavor and color. It looked so good in the bowls, particularly in the contrasting color of the red bowl.

The soup had a nice velvety texture (velveta-esque, if you will) and the tuna played a minor role and really just gave the soup some texture. I recommend a non-linear pasta like rotini, penne, or shells, versus a spaghetti or linguine noodle. Easier to eat up with a spoon!

Though this recipe is really just a gathering of ingredients and we didn’t actually make anything, I would still give it a try. This is comfort food for sure and great for a cold day (or night!) and if you don’t tell anyone you started off with canned soup, they’d never know.

Recipe for Cheddar Tuna Noodle Soup


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