Gratin dishes

One of the best parts of being newly married is using the new things we received as gifts! My sister gave us four gratin dishes from Crate and Barrel and we used them tonight for Greg’s famous mac and cheese. To know Greg is to know his mac and cheese. It’s SOOO good. He was making it for a work function on Friday and made a little extra to go with our steaks tonight. The steaks were also a gift and were shipped to us frozen a few weeks ago. Anyway, on with the mac and cheese prep…

Greg started out by making a roux.

lots of black pepper

…and then he put in an entire bottle of Cholula hot sauce hence the vivid orange hue.

…and then he forgot to take pictures of the rest of the process! Essentially, he added the cheese to the roux and once it was thoroughly mixed in and melted he poured it over the cooked pasta. He topped it with more cheese and baked it to perfection!

We enjoyed it with the seared steaks and broccoli (which was cooked with a little olive oil and parmesan cheese).

dinner at the bar

We are still working on the honeymoon planning as well. I think we are getting closer to making a decision and may be heading to Jamaica! Hopefully by the weekend we will have this settled… either way it will be great and I can’t wait!

Recipe for Mac and Cheese (almost fire version)


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  1. it looks even better in those dishes!

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