Winterfest 2010

Greg decided to name our most recent venture in small party hosting winterfest 2010. The party was more of a small gathering and featured some NFL playoffs, homemade chili, a Christmas-tree burning, spiked apple cider, and some good ole fashion beer pong.

We started off the day with a massive 2-hour long cleaning session and prepped for the party by setting up the fire ring and removing the tree from the house.

The fire set up

You were a good tree!

Next, it was time to get the chili going. In recent years we have used the crock pot to make chili but decided to try making it in the dutch oven this time around. First Greg browned the meat and transferred it into the dutch oven.

80/20 chuck

Then went in some other good stuff- chili seasoning, tomato sauce, crushed tomatoes, and several items not pictured, including cinnamon and chocolate powder!

After baking for several hours at 250 degrees the chili came out piping hot. Greg attempted to make this chili Cincinnati style, but the meat never really got down to the consistency he wanted. However, this chili was awesome! I think the dutch oven really made a difference and the flavors were really nice and complete. The party-goers must have agreed because there was nothing leftover šŸ˜¦


The get together also gave some of our friends time to shine in the culinary sense as well. We got to sample these excellent bourbon cream mushroom pinwheels andĀ  homemade pretzel bites with cheez whiz (in the mini crock) for dipping.

These didn't last long...mmm....

Can't beat pretzels and cheez whiz!

Other culinary creations, which I forgot to take pics of (doh!) were crab dip and chocolate-peanut butter rice crispy treats!

The fire was a big success as well.

Cool pic of Heinz

Overall this party or gathering, whatever it was, was a lot of fun! We had about ten people not including Greg and I and I think everyone had a good time. I know we did!

Recipe for Chili- Cincinnati Style


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