NFL Play-off Pool Update

If you are keeping an eye on the very riveting match up between Greg and I on our play-off pool, here is the update!

The first game of the weekend was the Arizona Cardinals at the New Orleans Saints. New Orleans was favored by 7 points and the over/under was 57.  At first, Greg and I had the exact same picks: Arizona and the over.

The second game was the Baltimore Ravens at the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts were favored by 6.5 and the over/under was 45. We both took Indy and the under.

We were not very satisfied with the lack of differences in our picks because that’s not very fun! So we decided to flip a coin and the loser had to change one of their picks. We did this twice and Greg changed two picks: He  took New Orleans and the under and left his Indy/Bal picks as they were.

The results: We split the first game as New Orleans covered and it went over and the second game we had the same things so nothing happened, though we both went 2-2.

For Sunday’s games we had some good variation. The first game was the Dallas Cowboys at the Minnesota Vikings. The Viking were favored by 3.5 and the over/under was 47. I picked the Cowboys and the under and Greg had the Vikings and the over. We split again 1-1.

The second game was the New York Jets at the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers were favored by 7 and the over/under was 42. I picked San Diego and the under and Greg picked San Diego and the over. We went 1-0 and I picked up another game.

So the standings going into next week are: Greg 8, Eileen 7. Three more games to go with the victor getting dinner at Black Market Bistro!


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