About Starving Kitten

Seriously, I'm hungry!

Hi! Thanks for checking out Starving Kitten and welcome to our food blog. We started this blog in January 2010 in order to share some of our recipes and the exciting meals we have made. A lot of our inspiration comes from TV cooking shows, restaurants, other food blogs and old favorites that we want to recreate at home. We hope you enjoy our ideas and feel inspired to make one of our dishes!

As for the name of our blog… the inspiration came from our cat, Bogie. Though he is no longer with us he lives on through the blog. We have two new inspirations as well:

This is Stonnie who is equally obsessed with food:

I love food

And our newest addition, Maddie, who I’m sure will be just as much of a foodie as the rest of us.

We hope you enjoy it!

Greg and Eileen (G & E)


16 responses to “About Starving Kitten

  1. Love the site! The recipes are awesome, and it’s very helpful the way that you show pictures at each step! Keep ’em coming, and I’ll let you know how my attempts are recreating them go!

  2. You sure know how to take some mouth-watering photos! Thanks for posting those yummy recipes.

  3. Jeremy Chester

    You don’t have a recipe-requests section, but I am going to make a couple of requests anyway, which I do realize amounts to me obnoxiously trying to tell you what to cook and eat 🙂 How about some classic Italian dishes? I would like to learn how to make a really good tomato sauce from scratch, and I bet you guys could make an incredible lasagna…

  4. Hi Greg and Eileen

    savory receips, great salads, meat and more. Only pay attention to not get things burned black on the outdoor grill, which is extremly fostering cancer.

    Barb sent us some wedding pictures of you, what a nice couple.
    have fun and take care
    Maria (the santa claus story teller and former neighbour at Philpps Ave).

  5. Welcome to the burgh! Thanks for visiting my site. Also, all your food looks awesome!

  6. Our cat is the same way — always hungry, even if he just ate! Welcome to Pgh & thanks for checking out my blog Yum Yum!

  7. Subscribed to your blog! Lovely pictures and recipes!

  8. Diz Lanchik and Kince Velly

    Hey Greg–nice website! Those buffalo chicken meatballs look delish. Kince and I look forward to seeing more from you and Bogie!

  9. Hello Greg and Eileen!!!

    I enjoyed your food!!!! It really tasted good.
    I look forward to your new receipes and will try to cook them!!


  10. Love the pictures of Stonnie and Maddie. They certainly are 2 cuties!

  11. Dude, yinz up ‘ere cookin’ up a storm n’at! Great site and inspiring, to boot. My SO suggested I take up bread-baking, and I just might!

  12. You guys are awesome, and your food porn is hot hot hot. Keep it up. Your great photos really make the posts.

  13. I got a check in the mail that referenced the Twisted-Kitty website, and thought that I would check it out — Looks like a lot of good, crazy-cat ideas and recipes. When are yinz’ coming out with some Pirate Baseball Favorite Cookout blogs????

    Yinz’ should thank the kid that was pluggin’ the hell out of your blog and Spacer.

  14. congrats on the newbie news!!…now let’s see how long it takes to update your food blog!

  15. yay mr.savikas!!!!
    ❤ capa

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