Lemon Almond Chicken Salad

We had a coupon for a few dollars off any prepared food at Giant Eagle Market District and picked up some of their lemon almond chicken salad and I knew instantly upon eating it that I would soon be recreating it in my own kitchen. So here it is!

Conveniently, he had received some lemon-thyme from our CSA thus making my chicken salad even that much more lemon-ey! This was an added bonus, but if you don’t have access to this ingredient it’s no big deal. You can add regular, good ole thyme, or just omit altogether.

I used split chicken breasts- bone in and skin on. This ensured the meat would be moist and it was so tender it came right off the bone. This was some of the juiciest white meat chicken I have seen in a while.

I seasoned the chicken with salt, pepper and lemon zest and baked it for about 40 minutes or so.

I gave the chicken a rough chop and decided to run it through the food processor to get a more soft texture for my chicken salad.

I then made the dressing. Mayo, dijon mustard, lemon zest, lemon juice, lemon-thyme, salt and pepper.

I added some slivered almonds and mixed it all together.

Greg enjoyed his as a melt.


Recipe for Lemon Almond Chicken Salad


3 responses to “Lemon Almond Chicken Salad

  1. Looks like a winner to me. Can’t wait to try it.

  2. That GE Lemon Almond Chicken salad is so good! I’ve tried to recreate it, but it’s always been not quite there. I’m excited to try your version!

  3. The old recipe called for Jarlsberg Cheese. That’s the recipe I am looking for. It is outstanding.

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