Hollandaise Steak and Eggs

Happy New Year!  This was a special breakfast for New Years Day and the day after our one year anniversary!  Good ol steak and eggs with a homemade hollandaise sauce.  It takes a lot of steps but they are pretty easy and the whole thing was a bit quicker and easier than I thought.

Start with the hollandaise sauce.  It is very important to cook the hollandaise in a double boiler because if not, you will be slowly making scrambled eggs.  I used a sauce pan with about a half an inch of water and a mixing bowl that fit overtop but didn’t touch the simmering water.

This is to show the setup, so start with the bowl on the counter while the water is coming to a simmer.  Of all of the cooking that I have done, cracking eggs has always been a struggle for me.  I really don’t know what the problem is but separating the yolks was a bit difficult.  Start with the yolks and lemon juice and whip it thoroughly.

Then place over the simmering water and continue to whisk throughout the process.  Slowly add the melted butter, salt, and cayenne.

Continue whisking for a few minutes until the sauce thickens but be careful not to overcook it and make eggs.  Then set aside off of the heat while preparing the rest.

I started the steak and eggs at the same time in different pans.  The eggs were made dippy eggs, a Pittsburgh term for over easy.  The steaks were thin cut top rounds, a really cheap cut and it was clear why.  I would suggest using a slightly better cut if you are going to the work of making a special breakfast like this.  Pan sear the steaks with a bit of salt and pepper.

Then basically just assemble.  I used the steak as the bottom layer.

Then the eggs



The hollandaise is probably a little dried out and thick by now.  Add up to a quarter cup or more of the previously simmering water and whisk until the consistency that you would like.  Make sure the water is not still simmering or too hot.

I like fresh ground pepper on mine and after a few bites added some salt too.  Impress someone or yourself with a special breakfast!

Recipe for Hollandaise Sauce

Happy New Year



One response to “Hollandaise Steak and Eggs

  1. There’s nothing better than eggs benedict… Unless it’s eggs benedict made with steak instead of an English muffin! This looks amazing! Happy New Year and happy anniversary 🙂 🙂

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