Thyme Roasted Chicken

As soon I as walked in the door this evening I was pleasantly greeted by the aromatics of this dish! Greg prepared the chicken by stuffing it with some sprigs of thyme and putting a serious coating of McCormick’s rotisserie chicken seasoning all over the bird. I definitely recommend this seasoning!

The chicken had a lovely self-timer on it and took about 2 and half hours to roast. We added some of my homemade creamed spinach and Greg made one of his favorites- instant mashed potatoes (which he spiced up with some remaining thyme and red pepper flakes).

Bird in the oven

We have made roasted chicken so many times before, but this was definitely the best one yet. It was so juicy and flavorful. The recipe for the creamed spinach is very easy also and you can pretty much use whatever cheese you have in the fridge, though the recipe calls for parmesan.

Recipe for Eileen’s Creamed Spinach


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