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Kaz Sushi Bistro

I ventured into DC this evening after work to check out Kaz Sushi Bistro (1915 Eye St. NW). I had some high hopes for it, considering it was on the 2009 Washingtonian “best of” list and that the chef/owner is pretty well known in the DC area. When I first got there it was pretty empty, but by the time we finished dinner it was full. The decor was interesting because if you didn’t see the tiny sushi bar in the back you would have no idea you were at a Japanese restaurant. I guess that’s where the “bistro” comes in.

It is restaurant week in DC and they had a decent deal, which I passed on. For $35 you could get your choice of appetizer, six nigiri pieces and two rolls, and dessert. Since I am not a big dessert person and I really wanted miso soup, which was not an appetizer option, I passed on the deal. I ended up getting miso soup, a green salad with ginger dressing, and six pieces of nigiri (two each of mackeral, salmon, and one of their specialties: tuna with toasted almonds) a la carte. I have to say it was just ok. I mean you can’t really mess up sushi! I was less impressed with the miso soup- it was red miso and had some other veggies in it other than the typical nori. The salad was pretty unimpressive and small. The sushi was great, but overpriced. In terms of the food I think I would have been happier going to Moby Dick in Wheaton, but meeting up with my friends was well worth the trip and the price!

When I got home there was a big box from Bed Bath & Beyond awaiting me. This is what we received:

A Cuisinart Espresso Machine! I have always wanted one of these and I cannot wait to make my own espresso drinks at home! I will definitely be breaking this bad boy out this weekend.